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Our staff are professional, caring and compassionate and show an amazing dedication to our client’s needs.

Disability Matters employs people that possess a thorough understanding and empathy for the local community’s disability support needs. They are professional, caring and compassionate and show an amazing dedication to our client’s needs.

Kirsty Lamperd – Service Manager

Kirsty has been on board as Service Manager since October 2017. Having an extensive background in management positions she will particularly draw upon her people management skills in this role. The focus for Kirsty in the short term is to ensure Disability Matters is NDIS ready. Although the organisation will be operating under more of a business model, Kirsty will ensure that our focus is maintained on the key component of our business - our clients. Kirsty feels very fortunate to be working amongst such professional and passionate staff and will continue to build on the work that has been done to make Disability Matters the amazing organisation that it is.

Diane Clarke - Coordinator

Diane has been with the organisation since 2011 managing the coordination of supports for our clients. Her previous work in the sector was as an employment coordinator for an agency which assisted people living with disability, to strive for employment within their community, utilising their abilities. It was a natural move to this organisation for Diane to continue to advocate for people who live with disability, their families, to care for the carers, and to be part of an organisation that recognises all people.

Kellie Jarvis – NDIS Pre-planner

Kellie is a Tablelands local and is working with Disability Matters as a NDIS pre-planner for a temporary 12 month period. Kellie is very excited to be a part of such an important reform. Her role is to meet with existing, new or old clients and their family/carer to assist them to prepare for when the NDIS rolls out in July 2018. There are a lot of questions that clients and families will have about the NDIS and Kellie’s job is to help find those answers! Kellie will also support clients in their planning meeting with the NDIS if required. Kellie is very approachable and simplifies the task of navigating the NDIS for clients.

Renate Pramstaller – Coordinator

Renate has been working with Disability Matters since 2003. Born in Vienna, she has lived in Australia since 1995. Renate brought a lot of experience with her from previous walks of life. Since then she has used all her energy to help and improve other people’s lives. She is the longest standing Coordinator within our team and her compassion for the cause has put smiles back on many people's faces

Mark Aitken - Coordinator

Born and raised in Cairns, Mark has a background in education and has taught throughout the State. Mark & his wife Ann had twin boys, Toby and Luke who were born premature. As a result Toby is blind and lives with other disabilities. The family moved to the Atherton Tablelands in 1994 enabling Toby to attend the Special Education Units in Atherton. Mark served as an administrator in most schools across the Tablelands and joined Disability Matters as a Coordinator in January 2012. Mark believes that Disability Matters’ strength lies in its ability to support individuals and families from a young age through to them being able to live independently or in supported accommodation or homes.

Kerry Rankine - Coordinator

Kerry has been with the Disability Matters family since 2011. Kerry enjoys working with children, families and people that live with a disability. Kerry feels fortunate to be in a position where she can support the needs of others and, drawing on her history in the field, can further help the growth of the support at Disability Matters.

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Disability Matters is a not for profit organisation. We constantly require new equipment, upgrades of our facilities and work towards developing new programs enabling us to provide exciting opportunities for our clients. Your support helps us to carry out our mission of helping people with disabilities achieve their goals by providing them with effective support solutions.


All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Disability Matters Inc is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities & Not-for-profits Commission (ABN 71 168 476 100)



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