Support coordination

We have very skilled and experienced staff on our team who provide the specific role of Support Coordinator. Support coordination is only available to NDIS participants who have it funded in their NDIS plan. The role of the Support Coordinator is to support you to access all the services required to fulfil your NDIS plan. This can be done utilizing the following strategies:

  • Connection: assist the Participant to develop knowledge, experience and connections with the community and broader systems of support.
  • Support Design: works together with participant to understand Plan funding and its purpose. Support Coordinator will understand the Participant’s confidence and skills, and helps participant identify what they want from services. Will develop and design support solutions to meet Participant outcomes.
  • Establish Supports: assist the Participant to identify and consider support options, and link the Participant to the broader systems of supports. Where practical creates a supports and action plan to facilitate the participant to implement their plan.
  • Crisis: Assistance to resolve points of crisis and developing capacity and resilience in the Participant's network.

Coach, Refine, Reflect: Coach the Participant through challenges that come up. Helps Participant prepare for review and report on achieved Participant outcomes.

Our Support Coordinators will assist NDIS participants in the coordination and implementation of all supports in their funded plan, including informal, mainstream and community supports. The Support Coordinator must ensure the goals and needs of the client are achieved within budget.

The Support Coordinator will use their skills to research, coordinate and manage a range of supports to suit individual needs across multiple providers; connect with their communities and encourage participation in both mainstream and community options; coordinate and manage their plan to enable greater independence across all domains of an individual’s life.

The Disability Matters Support Coordinator will enable an individual to build their capacity (and that of their networks) with the aim of independently managing their issues and supports whilst meeting their goals and exercising choice in obtaining supports that assist them in pursuing their own lifestyles.

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In home support for you

Whether it’s personal care, skills training to develop independent living skills in and around the home or even help with household tasks, Disability Matters can help to provide personalised supports for you. We will help you achieve your goals in the best way we can.

Individual support

Disability Matters provides individual support to clients either in their own home or in the community.

We can assist with social and community participation and the development of daily living skills. We also have staff that can provide employment and education support. Members of our Coordination team are also trained in behaviour management and can offer you strategies for managing behaviours.

Our staff have received training on the importance of focusing on client goals at each support shift and reporting on those goals.

Including people with a disability in community life helps build more inclusive and diverse communities. It enriches community life for everyone and helps break down barriers and promote better understanding.

We promote community inclusion by providing support to clients who desire to:

  • Maintain and develop life skills and increase independence
  • Continue learning and participate in meaningful leisure, recreational, social and cultural activities
  • Participate and be included in the local community
  • Have active and valued roles in the community
  • Expand friendships and support networks
  • Be supported in making the transition from school to adult life

We have an amazing team of dedicated and experienced staff and we conduct recruitment of new staff on a regular basis. Many of our staff have completed their Certification III in Individual Support and we have also put many of our staff through high intensity workshops so they have the required skills to support individuals who need that extra level of care.

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